Unfortunately, our two programmers are being sent by the firm where they’re working to another country for the next 3 weeks. Since they are working on the game in their free time, that means that the game development stops until the end of the month and all submitted bugs will not be taken care of […]

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Alex / I took a small break from blogging during Easter and now I’m back. Mars continues to work on the graphics of the game. Tony worked before leaving the city on the mass messaging system that we’ll use for important announcements ingame. Right now he’s working on making the connections between the design done […]

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Alex / Well, Tony finished the chat system yesterday and we tested it for a bit. It works and its in real time with updates at 1 second. The private chats we decided to leave them for now, due to the load on the server. Maybe in 3-4 months once the game starts we’ll implement […]

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Alex / What is currently done: most of the buildings in the game half of the units are in place (those that fight): units like the general, rams, catapults, spies and two other are written down but not implemented yet the resources the map of the game military bonuses graphics for most of the military […]