Speed Round Coming In May

In around 3 weeks, when S1 closes, we will start a speed round, our first one. It will last around 1 month and it will allow us to finish the graphics for the S1 restart.

What we’re looking at right now for the speed round:

  • 6-8 times faster than a normal server (resources gathering, troop movement, merchant speed and so on). Everything will be faster. Haven’t decided yet if it’s going to be 6 or 8 times faster.
  • no sitters allowed
  • resource trading between same IP accounts will be blocked automatically. If you log in with someone else’s password, you will no longer be able to trade resources with him.
  • because the speed will be faster, we will also delete accounts that cheat faster. You might not get a second chance if you break the rules, so I’d try to play nice.

The speed round will start in the second part of May and there will be a one week period for pre-registrations. More news to follow.

Posted by: on Apr 28th, 2009
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  • slik084

    When is S1 speed server starting??

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