VIP Package Launched

We just released the VIP package, and if you’re registered in the game you received the announcement already by in-game message.

The VIP features you can find here.

You have a 7 day free trial to test it, and see if you like what it has to offer. If you don’t, you can still play the game for free, and you’re under no obligation to buy anything. The game is still free for everyone. The VIP package is for those that want some comfort features while supporting the further development of the game and the running costs.

We’ll release the payment by PayPal in a few days for the VIP and we’ll look into adding credit card payments in September probably. We need to test the PayPal payment first, so it will take 1-2 days before you can buy the package. In the meantime, go to the VIP page, in the upper part of the page and activate your free 7 day trial.

Enjoy :)

Posted by: on Aug 15th, 2008
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  • Vasile

    Even if I’m not really playing i’m logging from time to time to see the changes.
    The VIP features are nice and the price is ok.
    I don’t know if my internet connection improved or not :) but the game is moving faster and this is good.
    I’m also not received anymore errors when I click on something and fast after that i’m clicking on something else (in firefox)

  • Thanks Vasile.

    We switched to a much better dedicated server some time ago so the speed has indeed improved.

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