One Month Since The Launch

One month since we launched Imperial Ages as a beta, 2100 registered players later(not all active though) and over 700,000 page views served, it’s a good beginning, and hopefully it will be even better in the second month.

The stats aren’t bad considering that it’s our first game and we don’t have any kind of budget for advertising and bringing new players.

As for the plans for the next period, Raywall has a one week vacation that he’ll use to track down the last bugs and to work on new features for the game, Mars is working on a quick tour for the game, Alex on writing down the last pieces of the VIP on paper, and Tony is implementing the VIP.

Probably two weeks from now we will move to a better server, and the game should move faster at that point. The VIP should be ready around that time also.

If you have ideas that you would like implemented in the game as a regular feature or as part of the VIP package, let us know, either by email at alex[at] (replace the [at] with @) or in the forums, in the Suggestions & Ideas section.

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