Latest Updates And The History Behind The Game

Well, Mars worked his ass off and did the game’s history. Unfortunately the blog’s theme messed up the way it looks, so it’s a bit hard to read. Anyway, if you want to give it a shot, the game history is here.

And now for the updates uploaded to the server today, fixed bugs and improvements:

  • Latest battles and scout reports from the alliance now showed in the Battles tab of the alliance.
  • You can now cancel an army attack or reinforcement, in the first 5 minutes of travel. After that the troops can’t be recalled.
  • Trading now has a 2 to 1 limit. So you can ask for half the number of resources you’re offering, or double. Not more, not less. The NPC trading remains the same, 4 to 1.
  • In the simulator, you don’t have to manually insert the first defender anymore, it’s inserted automatically, as it was normal.
  • You can send messages to multiple recipients at the same time, by inserting the ; sign between the names. So a message sent to 3 people at the same time would have this at the recipient:  User1; User2; User3
  • On the front page of the alliance, you can now see the long name of the alliance as well, not just the short one.
  • The Events tab in the Alliance should now work properly and display news of interest about the alliance.
  • The Alliance Forum link can now only be seen by the members of the alliance.
  • Where you can see a name of a player or an alliance, those should be clickable links now, going to the player or alliance profile. If we missed any, let us know.
  • Uploading the alliance banner should work every time now.
  • The Player and Alliance Search in the statistics area is modified to show only those that contain the searched string.

That’s it I think. Great work from the programmers today.

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