61 Hours Into The Beta

Well, it’s 61 hours now since Imperial Ages was launched as a beta and we’ve had high points, and low points, but in the end we’re satisfied of the beginning.

Number of registered players right now: 559

First of all, if you use the unit details excel file, you should download it again. I accidentally uploaded an older version, so it wasn’t the same as the units on the server. Only a few units were different.

And don’t think we’ve been sitting on our behinds these last 2 1/2 days. Here are some of the bugs that were fixed:

  • changes in the player profile and village name weren’t saved
  • when replying to a message, the receiver got an empty message
  • text entered in the alliance and profile description fields were all in the same paragraph. Should be a bit more easy to arrange now.
  • a message appearing in the trade office that looked something like "Nan nana na" .. well .. it’s fixed
  • not being able to cancel an invitation to join an alliance
  • the soldiers gold consume wasn’t included in the total village consume

Deleting the account and the password recovery aren’t fixed yet, but they will be in the next few days.

Remember, if you like the game, let your friends know about it. The more people play it, the more fun it is.

Suggestions and questions can go either on the forums or by email at contact@imperialages.com


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