Mars / Yesterday i went on a short visit to Raywall. Unfortunately Tony was not in town, so i couldn’t speak with him too. Our main point of discussion was the bugs, erm features, in the game. We analyzed almost every aspect of the game and realized that we have some interesting bugs like merchants […]

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First, we found our designer. She’s a very good friend of mine and she’s finishing the university on June 17th, so after that she’ll begin working on the game design. Hopefully she’ll finish by July 1st with it so we can launch the open alpha test. I say that but I have no actual idea on […]

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Alex / We’ve decided to go the payed route for the graphical interface to make sure we have something of quality. Though Mars knows a thing or two in Photoshop, he’s not perfect in this department. We realized that we need to make an investment here and pay someone to do the graphics for the […]