I’ve setup a yahoo messenger id for the game in case anyone wants to contact us. We’ll probably provide support for the game also from this yahoo id. You can add this id in Yahoo Messenger if you want to talk with me about the game:  ImperialAges@yahoo.com

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Alex / Well, I got a few things written off my list. I’ll keep updating the previous post as I finish parts of it. One of the worse fears of mine was that the defensive players will be a bit in a disadvantage, due to some special options that the offensive players have. Mars had […]


Alex / This is my to do list for the next period (my work is putting down on paper the game – everything in this list is writing for the game, no programming involved): the military units are finished but they’re spread across three excel files, so I need to make a single one and […]

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Alex / We’re a bit unsure on the date when we’ll launch the game officially for anyone to play. The alpha test will take place in April or the beginning of May, but I’m not sure we’ll be able to launch it officially in June, as I had hoped. We want to make the game […]

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Alex / Well, I started learning CSS, and it seems easy enough so far. Also started working on the plan for launching the game and writing down any promotion idea I got for the 1-2 week period I will have before the official launch. As for the game, Mars is starting work on the buildings […]

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Alex / What everyone is working on right now: Alex: just finished the last bit i had to do on the battle system and the casualties for the winning side, depending on the power of the opposing armies. Next for me, starting to learn some CSS so I can help Mars with the design of […]

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Mars / Ok, I`ve started working on the graphics. Until now, all the 5 basic units for every race are complete. There are 7 more to go. The bad part is that now i need to work mostly on the interface, because the programers keep complaining that they don’t understand much about what`s happening in […]

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Alex / Well, I just arrived home from the city where Raywall and Tony live. I met them with Mars, explained the battle system and a couple of other things that they didn’t know how it should happen. The 8 pages of text that described the battle system for Imperial Ages isn’t as hard to […]

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Alex / What I did today on paper: finished the costs, atack and defense values for the second half of the military units, research and building dependencies for those units to be built finished the concepts behind the rams, catapults, the units that found villages, the units that steal villages and the leader unit. All […]


Alex / What is currently done: most of the buildings in the game half of the units are in place (those that fight): units like the general, rams, catapults, spies and two other are written down but not implemented yet the resources the map of the game military bonuses graphics for most of the military […]