Official Launch Date Decided – March 24

We had a meeting today, me (Alex), Mars and Raywall (he came to our city) and decided that after 18 months of development, Imperial Ages will finally be launched on March 24, 2008.

The current Alpha round will end Friday, March 21, most probably, and we’ll have 2 days to prepare for the launch of the Beta round.

The Beta round will be the official launch of the game, and it will last for 12 months until the game is restarted again. Normal speed, 3 ages, new military units every 4 months and new buildings. There will be a lot of improvements and features added along the way and probably some bugs that will be fixed.

One thing that it’s not going to be ready for the official launch is the VIP system – the part where people get some cosmetic and comfort related bonuses in game in exchange for a few dollars a month.

That’s about it folks. We’re really excited to be so close to launch and can’t wait to see it happen.

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